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Gina Hubbard 

I have to admit that my giving in the areas of my prayers, presence, gifts, and service are often selfishly motivated. I know that sounds like an oxymoron. How can giving be selfish? The reason is that I receive much more than I give. 
Showing up for worship or other events like Bible studies and book club brings the joy of being with others. I have to believe that even virtual hugs bring a rise in oxytocin that lowers stress and makes me feel better.  
When praying for others I am acknowledging my dependence on God. It pulls me away from travelling down a path toward self-reliance, which has never not gotten me into trouble!  
By giving my tithe to God’s work I am ensuring that the place that I frequent will be more equipped to handle needs-including my own need for spiritual strengthening. It also forces me to pay close attention to my finances, to be more efficient, and more thankful. 
Lastly, my service keeps me learning about and interacting with the wonderful next generation. It allows me to use my love of cooking meals for others. It connects me to members with whom I have had little interaction. Let’s face it, it feels good to be useful during this challenging time. 

Giving enriches my life as God promised in Malachi 3:10. He pours out so much blessing when I open my purse, my hand, and my heart to Him and His people. 

Chris Burbidge De Pau 
As a kid, my family moved often so there seemed to always be a quest for a new church. One of the criteria was a good choir as my mother had a fabulous singing voice. There were times when my parents were disenchanted with something going on at the church so they would begin that quest again.  I vowed I never wanted to do that.  
When my family came to FUMC I always felt welcome and I always felt like my kids were cared for as were we. This was ever so apparent when my husband went through his battle with cancer, I knew there were people who were praying for us, supporting us and who were there for us. 
This is why I give. This church is not the walls or the pastor (sorry PK) or the service but the PEOPLE! 
What I have learned in the past year is how important giving is to keep this church not just alive but to have it thrive! There are many folks who do and want to share their love for God and each other through many of our programs and missions. Wouldn’t it be great to share that love not only with our own but with people in our community? 
What many don’t realize is there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to get every part of this church and its ministries off the ground. We all want the best for this church, giving will help us accomplish that. Please give.

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